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Re: [IP] I talked to my endo...

Yes, RoseLea -

The pump is not a magic bullet, but you already know there is NO magic
bullet with diabetes.  Even with the pump, it takes constant work.  OK.
Yes, not everyone is "happy" with the pump, but my parents told me it took a
long time to get used to injections, so I figured a change this drastic
would take time too.  Went on the pump January 17th - magically, reading
"Pumping Insulin" Memorial Day weekend, realized I was figuring my bolus
wrong (after numerous calls to my CDE) - once I got it down, I wouldn't go

I think your Doc was talking about people who give up too easily - PLUS the
insurance company!  Wish I EVER had A1C's like yours!  Don't even CONSIDER
going into DKA as a reason for anything!  If you're doing that well on MDI,
then keep doing whatever it is that you're doing right.  A pump is a lot (!)
more convenient, but NOT easier!

Jealous of your A1Cs!     Jane

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