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[IP] the NPH woes

<<  First how can Kap go all day without eating and #'s be 
 fine?  That's a good thing, but how?   >>NPH is so unstable w/ kap - he has 
truly gone all day without eating am snacks, lunch or afternoon snack and 
didnt have a low.  I checked on the hour - every hour
Kap has had an reaction to a bottle of nph - I opened new bottle gave dosage 
and the next morning he had red welts under his skin - they were very light -
I questioned the endo and ped if it was the nph - since that was the only 
thing that was different - new fresh bottle of nph.  2nd night - i gave him 
his bedtime dosage and within 15 minutes he was covered head to toe w/ welts 
under the skin - Neither ped or endo was able to tell me if it was the nph - 
"Endo/ped have been so useless to me - in providing answers - I bought a 2nd 
bottle - w different lot # - and things went back to normal - except - nph 
peaks anywhere from 10 am to 6pm for kap.
Only proves - YMMV - kap falls out of every bell curve there is
I did notice this month the nph now has a 2nd warning sheet in the box - it 
says that a rash may occur.  - Thanks Lilly company - 1 1/2 years later.
mom to kap (soon to be pumper) 
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