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[IP] re: Old School

jan hughey wrote;

Does anyone else from the Old School remember taking a couple units more =
of insulin, then parking a couple of blocks away from the doctor's =
office for the 3-month BG to have a *decent* result. I'm not talking =
HbA1c - I'm talking regular BG that WE do 4-10 a day now at home or =
Hi Jan and all--
Oh, yeah.  And I also remember when my mom made me PROMISE that I would
NEVER, EVER adjust my own insulin dosages to allow me to eat FORBIDDEN
foods.  My older sister had returned from a summer stay with a family that
had several diabetic kids, and she told us how they ate cake and cookies,
and all kinds of terrible foods that diabetics were NOT supposed to eat.
And those "awful diabetics" took more insulin (gasp!) when they ate those
foods.  My entire family (including little twelve-year old me) was
horrified at the awful risks those people were taking.

I also remember wrapping glass syringes and metal needles (which I didn't
even know could be sharpened !) in cheesecloth to boil each morning.  And
the doctor who told me (when I was a newlywed) that he wouldn't have kids
if he were in my position because I wouldn't live long enough to see them
grow up.  Same doc said he'd rather have cancer than diabetes because with
cancer at least you had an idea of how and when you were going to die, and
with diabetes the end was so unpredictable and awful.  

Now, don't freak out fellow IPers--all of these memories are decades old,
and the only complication I've experienced to date is some very mild (not
even treatable) background retinopathy.  My daughter is a freshman at the
University of Wyoming, and son is a senior in high school (and has diabetes
and a pump and eats me out of house and home, and there are no forbidden
foods in our lives (just challenges to figure out!).

It would be funny if we didn't still have to fight those same outdated
stereotypes (and the unnecessary feelings of guilt that still linger
decades later, for some of us!).  And if all of us with diabetes could get
pumps without jumping through the hoops of ignorance and insurance company
money woes.  And of course, the day WILL come when there is a CURE!!! 

Doreen in Wyoming
Another old-timer who has dealt with more than a fair share of ignorant
doctors and family members and doesn't often rant and rave--but it sure
feels good!!!  

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