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Re: [IP] Re: Grief and annerveseries

I think I'm sort of a mixture of Eve and whoever was saying they are
depressed come their annerversery.  I now view it as a reflection.  And I
have to have my vanilla milkshake from McDonald's every year (when I was
dx, for some unknown reason I was craving a vanilla McDonald's milkshake,
I'm not a huge fan of McDonald's milkshakes, but for some reason I wanted
one, and I swore to myself that every year on my annerversy I would
celebrate and have one... so I have).

Up until about a year an a half ago I did not want to have a pump.  I did
not want to be attached and dependent on ANYTHING (don't ask why the
thought didn't run across my mind that I was dependent on syringes and
insulin).  During the summer of '98 I began to consider it.  The first
weekend of November, I had a really bad low at work and realized something
had to change, and that a pump might help me.  Vetern's Day (which was the
following week) we had a day off of school.  I had been studying at the
library and was headed home.  I stepped off the elevator without looking
where I was going and came very close to knocking over the person getting
on it... I backed up to appolgize only to discover it was my endo.  He took
the opportunity to once again try to convince me to pump, and he did
(partly because I was ready to hear what he had to say and partly because I
was caught off-gaurd), and I'm so happy.  I gave myself until after
Thanksgiving to change my mind before I started the process, but I only got
more excited as I thought about it.  So as Thanksgiving is coming up (for
us here in the States), I find myself greatful for many things... including
nearly knocking over my endo.  I haven't had Jude for even a year yet
(since April), but I could relate to Jan (or was it Jen?) who was retiring
her first pump.  Although I have a love-hate relationship with him, he will
hold a special place in my heart!  My blood sugars are not "perfect" or
even where I want them to be (although they are getting closer), but I am
off that awful rollercoaster I had been riding for 4.5 years.

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