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Re: [IP] Minimed announces software error!!!-i'm panicked!

Where did this second problem come from?  Matt is wearing a 508 30 days now, 
i had the first pump fail on day one, now the 2nd one has the time change 
glitch, and now your saying possibly another glitch with the basal rates?  
AGGHHHH,, ok, ok, i'll try not to panic!  What should i do?  Assume all is 
ok, since i havn't noticed a problem or what????  I do notice that when i 
change a basal rate or set a temp it automatically delivers the new basal as 
soon as changed even if it just gave the old basal for the previous 
setting.....does this make sense? Is this supposed to happen?
Please someone answer  ASAP!!!!!!!!   Trying not to freak out here but how 
much more can i take?  I handled the stupid thing just not working after 2 
hrs attached! I thought the A37 time change alarm i could handle but now 

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