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[IP] RE: Oldtimers

I have been a diabetic since January 1957.  I too remember the square
bottles.  It made it so much easier.  We were in the military from 1973-1996
and I had no idea they even had meters until a friend gave me her mother's
after she died in 1987.  What a blessing.  The Clinitest were horrible,
especially if you were on the road.  And you had to keep the tablets locked
up if young kids were in the house.

Did anyone ever use the Testtape for double check if your fast food "diet
coke" was really diet.  I was told during an education class that 10% of the
diet drinks served to the public were not diet.  Canisters could be attached
by mistake to the wrong pump.  We were advised to double check with test
tape.  I started doing that, and sure enough at least 10% of my sodas were
wrong.   Sometimes mechanical error, sometimes human error, sometimes
because (we're out of diet and I didn't know it really mattered.  Any
suggestions on what we can use now.  So far, I buy test strips, but hate the
large containers.

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