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Re: [IP] New pump user on a loaner pump.....

On Fri, 19 Nov 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been using a loanerDisetronic pump for 4 days now.  My blood sugars 
> have never been better and although I am experiencing some lows, they aren't 
> as violent as before and it doesn't take as much to come out of them.  I am 
> thrilled with the blood sugar end, but less than thrilled with the 
> awkwardness of the pump itself.  I have not found an unobtrusive way to wear 
> it yet.  Does anyone have some advice? How about the best way to sleep with 
> it?  A few more questions:

sleeping:  just toss it in the bed... (at least, that's what i do...)  i
also have a D

unobtrusive ways to wear the D:  my pump rep had an extra "bra clip" lying
around...  (a hook on the end of a flannel pouch)  he gave it to me, but
as i rarely wear a bra at all, i came up with a different system...  i
hook it on my underpants....  which (if i'm wearing jeans) puts the pump
right under my pocket...  because you can feel the h and m buttons and it
doesn't matter which one you use for boluses..  (and the auditory beeps
will confirm what you have programmed)  i can then stick my hand in my
pocket and push the buttons to bolus...  

> What does the "S" on the pump stand for?

some people say "select" but who knows..... (it was designed in
switzerland, remember...)

> How often are you changing infusion sites? ( My diabetes educator said when 
> the insulin level reaches 150 units.)

i used to change every two (that was as long as i could go before they got
uncomfortable....)  now i change every three days...

> Is there a case designed to hold the pump?

lots of cases.... go look at the D website....  i didn't like the leather
"pager" type case, for some reason the clip on it irritated me....  like i
said, i'm a total convert for the "bra case"

> Where do you find is the most convenient place to put the cannulla?

i always use my tummy.....  left and right of my belly button... mostly
towards the lower part of my abdomen....  if i put it higher it gets
irritated by the waist bands on my clothes....  basically anywhere you
have a bit a sub-q fat, and it won't be in your way....


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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