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[IP] paranoia

Ruth wrote:
>  people are prob. wondering why I would take so many cartridges..  (SARA)

who me?  take as many as you need to feel comfortable, but only make Geneva 
carry what she NEEDS...lol
>  I have this vision/nightmare that geneva has some kind of  accident 

well a).your going to Florida, not BFE...you  may not be able to get them at 
a snap of a finger, but you could them overnight from the supplier if you 
placed a call.

and b) don't DWELL on it!!!  take a couple back ups...and take a few 
syringes...it won't kill her or you to give a ocuple of shots if need be!!

Besides if a crocodile bites her leg off you are gonna be too nuts to worry 
about the pump...and with her luck she will have her pump bitten off too!!  
Get it covered on you homeowners policy before you leave...teee heee

>  enough of her  V/H 'mix' for the stay in hospital.

so bring a bottle of each..a week out of hte fridge won't kill either one...
>  am I too paranoid, or what?

don't ask me, babe...heh heh heh

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