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[IP] New pump user on a loaner pump.....

I have been using a loanerDisetronic pump for 4 days now.  My blood sugars 
have never been better and although I am experiencing some lows, they aren't 
as violent as before and it doesn't take as much to come out of them.  I am 
thrilled with the blood sugar end, but less than thrilled with the 
awkwardness of the pump itself.  I have not found an unobtrusive way to wear 
it yet.  Does anyone have some advice? How about the best way to sleep with 
it?  A few more questions:

What does the "S" on the pump stand for?
How often are you changing infusion sites? ( My diabetes educator said when 
the insulin level reaches 150 units.)
Is there a case designed to hold the pump?
Where do you find is the most convenient place to put the cannulla?

Thanks for your help!
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