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Page 106 of  the 507C manual: X-Rays, MRIs And CT Scans
    The MiniMed pump is designed to withstand all common electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, including airport security systems. However, it should not be placed in the direct line of X-rays.
NOTE: If you are going to lhave a CT scan, and MRI, or any other type of radiation, TAKE YOUR PUMP OFF. Using a Quick Release infusion set will allow you to easily disconnect from your pump for these types of procedures.
*    *    *
That, folks is directly from the manual. My 507C is in repair (rec'd 4/99) as we type. I realized yesterday that it may have been the Pharmaceutical Myocardial Perfusion Imaging heart test I had done about 3 weeks prior to the malfunction: tried 6 times to program one bolus and it wouldn't work. MM rep told me the pump should not even be inside the room where the procedure is done.
Jan (60 yrs of age, T-1 49 yrs, pumping 16 years)