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Subject: [IP] Growth Spurt/ Increased Insulin Use

Hi Annette,
Jenna 's sugars definitely demand an increase in both basal rates and bolus
ratios when she's on a growing spurt.  Not a lot, but during her last one,
we ended up raising almost all of the hourly basal rates by 0.1.  We also
are big believers in Michael Robinton's "jump start" - she takes a unit of
insulin first thing in the morning, regardless of what carbs she eats, and
it combats those mid-morning highs from all the growth hormone.  We also had
to drop her lunch ratio from 1:15 to 1:11, though supper stayed ok at 1:15.
Just beware- growth does come in spurts, and when the "spurt" is "off", the
sugars can suddenly drop a bunch, and you may end up needing to decrease
everything again.  Jenna's spurts are unpredictable in duration - anywhere
from 3 or 4 weeks to 3 months or so.

Nancy Morgan

<<Josh has been doing great on the pump until a few days ago.  His logs for
the last few days show he is
eating HUGE amounts of food ..Assuming this is a growth spurt, should he
increase his basals all around, just keep
bolusing and ride it out, or what?  And how long does this usually last?

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