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Re: [IP] I talked to my endo...

< So, now I'm wondering, if the insurance company says "no" and my control is
too good and I don't need a pump, then what are my options? >

    I too had the same difficulty with my insurance co. when trying to get
authorization.  I also had a 5.9 a1c when I submitted authorization, so I
understand where you are coming from!  My suggestion: Keep at it!  It took me
nine months and four appeals, but today, I am a very happy pumper of one month
:)  I wrote monthly if not bi-monthly letters to the appeals department, kept
immaculate records and stressed the need for the pump to help control the
hypoglycemic episode I was experiencing while sleeping.  The clincher was when I
met with the appeals group one on one and explained to them want it was like
having a hypoglycemic episode, emphasizing the dangers.  Keep at it and
eventually they will get tired of you, mine did and I am only a 20 year old
college student!  Don't give up, I ended up with 100% coverage for the pump and
supplies, even the batteries!

Good Luck!

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