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Re: [IP] Renting a pump and Endos

>Which pump company said you could rent to own?  MiniMed or Disetronic?


I have a letter from Disetronics saying that they could rent me a pump for 
up to 3 months and if I choose to buy the pump then 100% of the rental fees 
to that date would be deducted from the pump price. It sounds like both 
companies offer rental programs.
I understand your frustration totally and I am not even to the insurance 
part yet. I too had fleeting feelings of just giving up but then I decided I 
would fight it first.
My endo said she wanted to be sure that I was being "realistic" and going 
into this with eyes wide open. She now has 32 patients on the pump and she 
said 50% of people who tried the pump (out of her patients) now have them 
rusting away in a drawer. She also said she knew a fellow endo who parked 
his as well. She also pointed out that some of her pump patients you could 
not rip the pump off them if you tried!
Unfortunately, towards the end of my appointment my bg dropped to 36 and she 
asked if I was low. I told her yes (my appointment was at 11:00a.m. and it 
was now 1:00 p.m., so I missed lunch) and she said I probably would not 
remember what we had even talked about, but I remember it very clearly!!
Later I thought and wished I could have told her: "If I was on the pump I 
would not have dropped so low because I missed my lunch!!".
I just switched to this endo from another endo who won't even look at the 
pump. I just found out about another endo slightly closer but in the other 
direction so I might think about seeing her. I know little about her other 
than she has some patients on the pump.
Keep up the fight!!

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