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Re: [IP] Appetite Affected by Lows...

HI Sherry-

I sometimes have problems with my stomach feeling yucky and not feeling like 
eating for a low.  I have been using Capri Sun or Hi-C juice box types of 
drinks.  They are so sugar/carb loaded it usually doesn't take too much to 
see a rise in my bgs and you can take a few sips at a time.

What type of juice did you have trouble with?  I know orange juice has a lot 
of acid in it and it can bug your stomach.  You could also try "regular" 7-up 
or soda.  If you get the carbonation out of it by stirring it until the 
bubbles are gone it's easier to sip on.  Go slow, drinking it to fast can be 
bad too.

Good luck.  I hope you find something that works well for you and you don't 
have to go through that again!

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