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Re: [IP] Desperate times calls for Desperate Measures - Hint - Hint

Darlene, 2 things.  First how can Kap go all day without eating and #'s be 
fine?  That's a good thing, but how?  2nd.  A momma's gotta do what a momma's 
gotta do!
I agree desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you feel the need 
to do what you need to do and it will get Kap on the pump, just do it!  Also 
i feel sorry that you need to go through this just to get better control over 
your sons disease, it's sounds like Kap would make a great candidate for the 
pump with just what you said in this last post.  Your a very involved mom and 
that is key!  Is Kap just as interested in getting the pump?  Matt wouldn't 
give his up for a second!  And fortunately i had a very cooperative endo, 
that agreed with the pump as soon as i mentioned it!  Lucky Me, Lucky Matt.  
I'm thinking of Kap and hoping his pump dream comes true!  The pump to Matt 
and I is definately a dream!

Good Luck
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