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[IP] Minimed announces software error!!!

This is what MM told me.  There are two errors with the 508.  One is the
daylight savings time error, which we all know about.  The other a more
serious error is a basal problem.  Where the unit will not deliver a
correct basal rate. The unit will switch your basal rate to a different
basal rate you have programmed in for a different  part of the day.  For
example you are supposed to be getting .8 units right now but later that
day you are supposed to get .3, the pump might give you the .3 instead.
The pump would read .3 on the current basal rate instead of .8 so you
would know there is a problem if this occurs while you are awake.

This is HUGE.   I had this happen among other things. It happened only
once around the time we all got the a-37 alarms.  I thought it was all
related to the time date thing.

I don't want to start a panic.  MM thinks only a select few units had
problems with the basal rates and the time change.  They know for a fact
that everyone had a problem with the time change but again only a few
had a problem with the basal rate as well.

I would contact MM for additional clarification.  This is what I
interpreted as the second problem with the 508.  It would be better if
someone from the clinical services department gave you the technical
speech on what the problems are.

Hope this helps.

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