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Re: [IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma

> Hi Ruth and Geneva ~
> Joanne McMahon here - I have the same problem Geneva does and I'm 55
> years young.  I also have the same basal rate (.5) and I know it's
> correct as if I don't eat all is just hunky-dory.  It really doesn't
> matter what I eat for breakfast, I spike over 300.  I don't mind
> this if I'm going to be running, but it's a nuisance otherwise.

This may have to do with another metabolic effect. Try the following 

profile morning basals fasting.
repeat but eat only a small protein breakfast. i.e. an egg and a diet 
drink like crystal lite.

repeat again with toast and egg and milk or something "vanilla" that 
is similar. 

This will allow you to see if your body is simply shifting gears or 
if the spike is truly caused by the particular foodstuff. If the 
former, you can calculate a "fixed" bolus to take before eating that 
will counteract for the high. The meal bolus is separate and 
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