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Re: [IP] unusual morning rise?

> I have identified a recurrent blood sugar patter that puzzles me.  I
> go to bed with a good sugar and sleep well so I know that everything
> was good during the night and wake up with a 100 at 6:00 am.  Then I
> get ready for work, shower etc . . . and eat nothing but 1 cup
> coffee and test at 7:00 - 1 hour later and I have risen to 200 or
> more in just 1 hour.  Basal was .6 during the night increased to .9
> at 6:00 am, but the morning increase is obviously not enough.  Weird
> thing is that this rise after 6:00 does not occur if I sleep in on
> the weekends.  I know this because I have tried to increase morning
> (post-6:00) basal to 1.5 and I go low on the weekends when I sleep
> late.  Is this pattern of a need for more insulin early morning only
> if awoken normal?  how should I deal with it? 

This is what I call the "motor start" phenomena. Lily suffered from 
it for about 3 years and it went away about a year ago. You will find 
if you measure carefully, that you will require  fixed bolus to 
counteract the bg rise when you get up early. Lily's was 1.8 - 2 
units and worked like a charm. When she slept in, nothing happened as 
with you. When she got up early she needed the bolus in addition to 
whatever her meal bolus was.

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