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Re: [IP] Growth Spurt/ Increased Insulin Use

> Josh has been doing great on the pump until a few days ago.  His
> basals seemed to be set right and his carb/insulin ratios seemed to
> be correct, but suddenly he is running high.  His logs for the last
> few days show he is eating HUGE amounts of food and taking boluses
> right and left and his blood sugars (previously 78 to 130 with an
> occasional glitch) are in the 200's consistently.  Assuming this is
> a growth spurt (I sure hope it is- my food bill is astronomical),
> should he increase his basals all around, just keep bolusing and
> ride it out, or what? 

I found that Lily's basals needed to be tweaked as often as every few 
weeks. Not much, usually 0.1u/hr and not necessarily across the 
board. A little goes a long way.

> And how long does this usually last?  Whew! 
YMMV, may last a few weeks, or not stop at all. The process of growth 
changes the whole dynamic of the process. New growth=new 
requirements. His body isn't going to "shrink" back to original size 
anytime soon.
You'll get used to it :-)

Michael -- parent of 5
email @ redacted
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