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[IP] red/sore site

> By the third day wearing the silhouette, I begin to have redness,
> discomfort and a bump at the insertion site.  My Joslin nurse
> practioner recommends changing the site every two days.....I truely
> hesistate to do that.....
> Anyone else with similar problems....thanks for your
> suggestions......

Similar types of problems have been reported by other list members. 
Usually they fall into these catagories -- assuming you don't have a 
site infection.

Allergy to the infusion set material -- change to another type of set
i.e. bent needle temporarily.
Allergy to a skin preparation that is bothering the would -- change 
skin prep methods .. many different preps, or use non at all
Allergy to the insulin or one of it's components -- change to another 
type of insulin. H to V or visa/versa

All of the above can be accomplished on a temporary basis, one thing 
at a time to use the process of elimination to identify the problem.
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