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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein--misconceptions!

>This plan might work well for type 2 DM.  However, I would
>run from it as a type 1 DMer.  Type 1 ALWAYS requires
>insulin -- no exceptions!
  Hi all, just wanted to clear up something.  I've read Dr. Bernstein's 
book, and whether or not you decide to follow his plan or not, the book was 
actually written for type one diabetics (which Dr. Bernstein is) and in no 
way advocates eliminating insulin.  His plan includes figuring out a basal 
amount of insulin which you always take no matter what (like a basal on a 
pump) and then covering the limited amount of carbs you eat with humalog 
(bolus).  He isn't saying you don't need insulin, just that with less carbs 
you need less of it and you keep your bgs in a tighter range (usually).  
just wanted to clear this up.  good luck with your choices.  --Gianna

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