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Re: [IP] unusual morning rise?

> From: "Neal & Kara" <email @ redacted>
> I have identified a recurrent blood sugar patter that puzzles me.  I go to
> bed with a good sugar and sleep well so I know that everything was good
> during the night and wake up with a 100 at 6:00 am.  Then I get ready for
> work, shower etc . . . and eat nothing but 1 cup coffee and test at 7:00 -
> hour later and I have risen to 200 or more in just 1 hour.  Basal was .6
> during the night increased to .9 at 6:00 am, but the morning increase is
> obviously not enough.  Weird thing is that this rise after 6:00 does not
> occur if I sleep in on the weekends.  I know this because I have tried to
> increase morning (post-6:00) basal to 1.5 and I go low on the weekends
> I sleep late.  Is this pattern of a need for more insulin early morning
> if awoken normal?  how should I deal with it?  I was thinking maybe
> institute a temp basal increase when I wake up.

I have a similar situation. I wake up between 7 - 7:30 but don't eat until
I'm at my office about an hour later. It took me awhile (years) to figure
out that my dawn phenomenon does not start until I wake up. My basals from
6 - 8a were set to compensate for a morning rise, but frequently I would
wake up low, even more so when I slept in. Setting a temorary basal when you
wake up is one way to deal with this. It doesn't work for me because my
basals drop from .5 to .0 at 9a (I'm usually very sensitive to insulin). So
I just bolus .3 - .5 when I wake up (depends on my bg and the time of
month). If I do sleep in, the rise isn't as pronounced so I may not do the


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