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RE: [IP] Drawing Cartidges

This depends entirely on what you need to do to make your trip more
If you need 6 cartridges to make yourself not worry about those things then
need to bring 6 cartridges.  This applies to more then just diabetic
supplies.  When
my husband and I travel we pack very differently.  I pack the minimum amount
clothing necessary because I don't want to have to lug around a big bag.  If
I need 
more clothing I either find a Laundromat or use my VISA card. :)   My
husband on 
the other hand needs to pack half his closet because he just can't handle
not being
prepared for a last minute formal dinner. <lol>  Funny explaining to the
cabbies that
all the luggage is my husbands and not mine. :)
Hope your trip to Florida is fabulous. And no you are not crazy, just a
mom.  I have one of those too.  In fact I will be visiting her in Charlotte
for Thanksgiving
along with my Dad.  Trying to convince him to go the pump route.  He is a
type I for 
12 years.
-- Sherry

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people are prob. wondering why I would take so many cartridges..  (SARA) !
I have this vision/nightmare that geneva has some kind of  accident  (you
know...like she is biking on the island and runs into a crocodile and gets
her leg bitten off)     and she had to go to the hospital and we didn't have
enough of her  V/H 'mix' for the stay in hospital.
am I too paranoid, or what?

>just drew up about 6 cartridges last night to take to florida for vacation
this week.  I keep them in the butter dish in our refrigerator.  

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