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Re: [IP] ruth travel & here comes Sara

>we are leaving for a thanksgiving trip to sanibel island.

don't be tooo jealous...it's with the relatives and mom and the whole "geneva shouldn't be eating that dessert now, should she?"  mentality from their experience with my now deceased, type 2 grandmother...who by the way ate candy all of the time and was hugely obese and lived to be I think about 86!
anyway..shelling will be our highlight.

>Why not change out right before
you know sara, I knew you'd ask me that!   I had this all planned out and murphy came along and showed me who was in charge.  geneva had a sils come out because her stupid mother didn't tuck it under her pillow after checking BG one night and it ended up dangling over the side of the bed and pulled out.   so..we had to do a site change next am and of course this completely screwed up MY brilliant plan to have her timed so new site change was night before flying to florida.  so...now..she is DUE for site change on saturday (when we leave) and we will be traveling ALL day.  don't get into tampa until 9 pm , meet my mom, get luggage , get rental car...and then drive 2 1/2 or more hours (as I know we will end up getting lost....murphy again).....and hopefully arrive around midnight at hotel. 
 NOW!   geneva will not be a pretty picture at this hour and thus will not be in any kind of mood to do a site change and you know darn good and well that mr. murphy will have it or maybe that darn  pump witch that someone wrote about will make it so that her numbers will be higher than heck because it is the 3rd day of her site.  so...rather than risk going through this hell,  I am going to change her out tonight.  just to cover the bases. 
>and maybe you will only have to change once or twice while you are
yes...that would be nice.  but, murphy and the 'pump witch' will prob. poke their damn noses into this vacation, I am sure.

>  need to put her insulin/cartridges in an insulated container
>  for our travel days, right? 

>de-stress Ruth!!! 
aw, c'mon...can't I stress just a little?
thank you sara.