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Re: : [IP] Pager pals

At 10:16 AM 11/19/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 > We need something to attach it to a
 >belt loop or something..and I mean MORE than just knotting it on the
 >loop...we need some kind of liitle snap or something.  HEY we can use those
 >useless plastic caps!  Super glue the male end to the beeper itself, then 
 >tubing attaches to it, just as normal.  Then the end that we screw onto our
 >reservoir needs to be modified somehow to hook it onto the person....get
 >those thinking caps out!

I like the little Luer lock end... that could be the leash handle. Then cut 
off all but about 12-16 inches and glue the other end to some Velcro. The 
leash would then Velcro to the beeper. The leash would sort of look like:
Velcro end--->          []-------O            <---Luer lock end

How's that??



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