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[IP] We all are different but we have a few things in common...

I have been contemplating a comment made not to long
ago by someone removed from the list.  You all know who
she was...

She had stated that a type I couldn't help her because
she was a type II.  <cleaned up the language a bit>.
This struck me as a strange comment to make.  We all 
have different stories regarding when we were diagnosed,
and what complications, tribulations, etc. we have 
experienced along the way. Somehow though, we all ended
up on this list because of the few things we have in 

1.  We all have or are close to someone who has diabetes.
2.  We/they are all insulin dependent and we all have or want an insulin

It is true that what works for one person may not work for
another.  However, if I am having a problem I am willing to
try a few different things to solve it and any suggestions
are very helpful.  If the person helping me is a type I or
a type II that really shouldn't make a difference.  Now maybe
we have slightly different insulin needs, but if you found a
solution to pizza, it couldn't hurt to try it...right?

Sorry for the 2 cents, I just was having a hard time 
understanding how being a different type could make 
a difference on an insulin-dependent forum like this

-- Sherry
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