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[IP] Re: I talked to my endo... to Sherry

Thanks, Sherry for your input.  I think that my Endo was just trying to
impress on me not to expect miracles when going on the pump, that it was
going to take hard work to get to a good place with it, which I think is
true.  When I told him I knew there were pros and cons, and that there were
still problems (this is definitely NOT the cure), then his attitude changed
and he became more receptive to me.  I think that it's true that people go
into this therapy expecting miracles, and then when it turns out to be work,
they drop it (I still don't think that 1 month is enough time to make that
decision, anyhow).

As far as the insurance goes, the company my husband works for is a small
(very small) company.  Their "human resources" person is a lady who tries to
run the whole show there, and whenever he asks her questions about the new
insurance, she puts him off, telling him that she can't get in contact with
the insurance sales person for whatever reason.  It makes me mad that
someone who has no serious health problems can blow us off like this is all
no big deal!  In fact, I have given HER information that I have been able to
locate myself!  Anyhow, so now I'm in insurance limbo, waiting for more
detailed information.  *sigh*

I have my doctor's pump person's phone number and plan to call her, if I
don't hear from her first.  When I was at the doctor's office, they brought
me "pump information" and it turned out to be the stuff I had already gotten
from MiniMed and Disetronic.  At this point in time, I think they're fairly
up-to-date on pump info, but I have to see what their ideas are on pump

Thanks again for your encouragement.  At first, I felt like giving up, but I
think I should fight for it!  I've never been a quitter!  (And, I'm very
stubborn and bull-headed too, it runs in the family)....

T1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon... *sigh*

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