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Re: [IP] I talked to my endo...


I know exactly how you feel.  

I gave up (temporarily) the idea of getting a pump over a
year ago after my 3rd endo told me the same thing (my A1c's
were in the lower 6's).

Since then, my control on MDI has gotten worse -- BGs are
usually in the 200's - lower 300's no matter what I do.  I
don't know what my current A1c is, but I bet it is high.

I am now trying again to get put on the pump.  I will
change to yet another endo if I have to -- I hope that is
not the case, though.

Hang in there and keep trying!


--- RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Ok, I saw my endo and asked about the pump.
> He told me that the biggest stumbling
> block for someone
> with my control (my last 2 A1c's were 5.9 and 6.1) is the
> insurance company.
> He told me he has one patient with control like mine and
> after trying and
> trying, the insurance company flatly refused to pay for
> the pump.  (I don't
> know what kind of insurance it was.)
> So, now I'm wondering, if the insurance company says "no"
> and my control is
> too good and I don't need a pump, then what are my
> options?
> a.  cut my insulin and eat like a pig to skew my numbers.
> b.  forget a few shots and end up hospitalized with DKA.
> c.  forget the whole pump thing.
> Sheesh I sure hate that a few guys in suits wanting to
> save money has the
> ultimate decision in my care.  But, IMHO, the issue here
> is MONEY, if I had
> it, I could just buy the pump and not even have to deal
> with the insurance
> guys.  What a sad world we live in... makes me depressed,
> it all revolves
> around money... *sigh*
> RoseLea
> T1 for 37 years, don't know if I'll be pumping at all...

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