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[IP] ruth travel & here comes Sara

Ruth wrote:
>we are leaving for a thanksgiving trip to sanibel island.


>  how many sils she should bring?  6?  she changes out
>  about every 3 days if lucky.

well assume you wont have any problems and put the number of sils you would 
use in 7 days on hte bed...then add 50%.  Why not change out right before 
youleave, and maybe you will only have to change once or twice while you are 

For 5 days in Michigan (amost a week), I will bring 2 site only, and 1 
site/tubing - SO I have three site sets.
>  need to put her insulin/cartridges in an insulated container
>  for our travel days, right?  

unless you are going someplace warm, why worry about it??  Don't leave it in 
the hot car or in direct sunlight...de-stress Ruth!!!  un-lax as my pappy 

I am going to Grand Rapids for turkey day...anyone in the area brave enough 
to wanna meet me?  email me at email @ redacted

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