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[IP] when in doubt, change it out

Deborah64 wrote:
>  By the third day wearing the silhouette, I begin to have redness, 
> discomfort and a bump at the insertion site.  My Joslin nurse 
> practioner recommends changing the site every two days.....I 
> truely hesistate to do that.....

WHY?  just cuz some people can get 4 or more days out of a site does not mean 
you will, or that you have to!!  Doesn't MNMD recommend changing every OTHER 
day anyway?  I personally get at leat 5 days from a site, but the bottom line 
is ALWAYS - when in doubt, change it out.  Even if I just changed that 
morning, if I am having unexplainable highs, or it is red, sore or itchy, I 
will change it again...

Are you using straight Humalog?  try doing a mix with Velosulin as others on 
the list have done, or maybe you are allergic to H.  try a 100% solution of 
Velosulin...works for me!!

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