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[IP] Re: Grief

Carol wrote:

>  I am coming upon my  one year anniversary of being diagnosed with 
> Type 1

HUGS to you!!!  This Thanksgiving will be much better than the last one!

> I am experiencing this one-year grief and depression and it really sucks.  

What about diabetes doesn't suck???  YOu are so normal!!  I would be greatly 
surprised if anyone isn't at least a little sad on their diagnosis day...And 
at least a little happy on their pump start day!

> How long should I expect it to last?  

How long do you expect to live?  I will never EVER get "over" this one, so I 
don't try, or make myself feel worse by beating myself up, and I certainly 
don't let people tell me to "get over it" or "chill out."  Cuz, NO, chances 
are that it will NOT go away!  So, go ahead and be depressed, kick your dog, 
and flip off people on the highway....then grab a piece of pumpkin pie, 
guesstimate for carbs, bolus, and "celebrate"

> I  must've been naughty and had lots of cookies or something.)  

nah- you weren't "BAD." you just made a calculation error in your bolus!!!  
You were not naughty and you did not break the rules...You just needed to do 
better math maybe!!!

> since that time I have noticed that my ears pop when my bg goes 
> over 150, and when it's on the way back down and goes under 120 

hmmm...interesting!  my ears have been "burbling" lately for no apparent 
reason...Next time it happens I will test my bg!!  That would be an 
interesting warning sign wouldn't it!!  I know the "burbling" I get drives me 

>  Is it a symptom of DKA 
>  and I'm walking around not knowing I'm sick?  

If you even slightly concerned, get out your keto-stix and test for ketones.  
You can NOT be in DKA unless you have ketones in your urine...And it takes a 
long time or high blood sugar and dehydrating to get to the death point, so 
when it doubt, test!

>  write to me at email @ redacted rather than (or in addition to) posting

I think it is interesting to group too, so I posted ALSO to group - we are 
ALL here for you in your depression and we ALL understand....

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