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[IP] Bouncing Basals

I know YMMV and it certainly does on the IP list, but I went on the pump to 
help smooth out my 'brittle' diabetes and found the pump not only smoothed 
it out - somewhat- but that I'm relearning my diabetes like I did in year 
one = 35 years ago.

My basals change with the seasons, hours of daylight and probably my 
attitude.  I'd give my eye teeth if they were constant but they change and 
since I've given up fighting it and just do that basal testing protocol 
every couple of months, I've fared better.  My HA1cs have gone from 8.5 and 
higher to 7.5 - not perfect but a heck of a lot better - AND my 30 year 
chronic depression is gone, my neuropathy is better, etc. etc. etc.
Keep on pumpin' and hang in there.

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