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[IP] Fish Fry Figuring

Hi Susan-
Fish Fry sounds yummy - though I do find the fat fried fish takes on the 
aura of pizza with me - lotsa protein, lotsa fat.  Here's the nutritional 
dance steps: 1) First you need to know how much protein your particular body 
needs per day (usually about 7 oz.)  2) then you need to know how much 
protein you're eating 3) for every ounce of protein over your daily limit 
you need to bolus for about 50% of the protein (For example if you ate 8 
ounces of protein over the 7 ounces you normally eat then you take half the 
grams of protein per ounce [3.5 x8-potein being about 7 gms. per ounce] and 
count it as car [in our example we'd have a total of 28 extra grams] and of 
course 4)the fat converts to 'glucose' at about 8-10% of the total fat.

Now if you can do all this while chatting, drinking beer, and whatnot 
[especially] whatnot - you're a better 'betic than I.  Don't forget it takes 
a while for protein to convert so better to square wave or temp basal and of 
course the fat slows everything down.  My best efforts sometimes still find 
me spiking several hours - like 6- after the event.  God forbid if it's 
batter fried.  Good luck, have fun - let us know how you make out. (er, made 
out!-  we don't really want graphic descriptions of your love life style -- 
okay, so I don't maybe others...  better sign off)

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