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[IP] "Candy Bar away from a Coma"

    I'm sorry if anyone got the wrong impression about what I was saying
concerning the Article titled: "A Candy Bar away from a Coma"  The article
was a good article HOWEVER, Too many people believe that diabetes is caused
by eating candy or by being over weight. The title and the picture in the
article reinforced that idea.
    Our daughter Kim, who is now almost 12, was dx'd with D when she was in
3rd grade.  Her second grade teacher told the children constantly that if
they ate too much candy they would get diabetes.  When Kim was diagnosed she
just knew it was her fault she developed diabetes.
    Also, the articles says this man used to test 3 times a day but now he
tests only 3-4 times a week because "After awhile you have an idea of what
you can do and what needs to be done to keep the diabetes under control."
If my daughter only tested 3-4 times a week and went by what she thought
needed to be done, it would be disasterous.  But, the article is talking
about mainly Type 2 diabetes, non-insulin dependent.
    Most people are not aware that there is more than one kind of Diabetes
and that very thin people get diabetes too.
    Several weeks ago I helped test people's blood sugars as a courtesy.
One set of parents brought their 2 year old son to be tested.  He had a
slightly elevated bgs level, 139.  They had taken him to the doctor because
they were concerned about how much he was peeing and drinking and thought he
might have diabetes.  The doctor sent them home with a urine collection cup
because he didn't:  1.  Think he could get enough blood from a small child's
finger to do a blood test and 2.  He didn't think children that young
developed diabetes.  (Guess he hadn't eaten enough candy bars yet!)  If some
medical professionals are so ill informed, we have problems!
    I am also the last one to criticize anyone's weight problem!  I'm sorry
if any of you felt chastized for weighing more than you would like to.  I'm
fight the bulge all the time and probably have tried every diet known to
mankind.  I just don't like the stereo type of a person with D.
    Again, I just wasn't happy with the title "A Candy Bar Away from a Coma"
Wouldn't it have been just as accurate and pretty refreshing to read:  "A
Sandwich....,  A Banana....,   A Baked Potato...   Or even a Bagel away from
a Coma?"

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