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Re: [IP] Growth Spurt/ Increased Insulin Use

we just went through this with geneva and it lasted about a week and a half.  it seemed to occur right around halloween and I was blaming the candy...but she was just eating anything and everything.
when I finally got aggressive with her basals....boom...down she came.  we are living with somewhat normal BGs now for two days. 
you just never know with young kids.  up and downs are part of the pumping program.
just keep in your mind now that as soon as you start to see higher numbers  (especially if you are on a first day or two of a site....)  and if pump is functioning fine...that it is prob. the signal of growth.  I am now automatically increasing geneva's basals by about 15%....YMMV>
mom to a growing 10 1/2 yr. old who is stable for now.
>His logs for the last few days show he is
eating HUGE amounts of food and taking boluses right and left and his blood
sugars (previously 78 to 130 with an occasional glitch) are in the 200's