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[IP] I talked to my endo...

Ok, I saw my endo and asked about the pump.  He told me the pump was not a
"magic bullet" and didn't solve all the problems with D, it might not even
solve the problems I'm experiencing.  He also said that not everyone is
happy with the pump, his office sees the failures, people who try it for a
month and discontinue because they don't like it (I figure they didn't give
it long enough).  He told me that the biggest stumbling block for someone
with my control (my last 2 A1c's were 5.9 and 6.1) is the insurance company.
He told me he has one patient with control like mine and after trying and
trying, the insurance company flatly refused to pay for the pump.  (I don't
know what kind of insurance it was.)

But, he did say he would support me in whatever I wanted to do.  He's going
to have his pump educator get in touch with me to discuss it.  So, at this
point in time, I figure my problem more likely will be with the insurance
company not my endo.  And until January 1st, I'm not even sure what
insurance company I'll have (the company is changing providers).

So, now I'm wondering, if the insurance company says "no" and my control is
too good and I don't need a pump, then what are my options?

a.  cut my insulin and eat like a pig to skew my numbers.
b.  forget a few shots and end up hospitalized with DKA.
c.  forget the whole pump thing.

Sheesh I sure hate that a few guys in suits wanting to save money has the
ultimate decision in my care.  But, IMHO, the issue here is MONEY, if I had
it, I could just buy the pump and not even have to deal with the insurance
guys.  What a sad world we live in... makes me depressed, it all revolves
around money... *sigh*

T1 for 37 years, don't know if I'll be pumping at all...

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