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RE: [IP] Desperate times calls for Desperate Measures - Hint - Hint

I understand your situation completely, related to my own situation.
I started pump hunting in March and finally have an endo and pump.
I will be starting beginning of December.  The best advice I can give
you is to be completely honest with the endo.  Show her the correct
numbers, and let her know how serious you are about getting the pump 
for Kap and keep reminding her.  

As someone who 5 years ago tested maybe twice a week and filled in
random bgs for the rest.  I can tell you this didn't help me one 
bit.  The endo couldn't make a good guess as to what was going on
to help me have better control.  Also the doctor bases your start
basal rates on body weight, current daily insulin dosages, etc.  
Not being honest could cause problems with the pump once he starts.
It may also lead to lying to the endo more in the long run.  That 
doesn't make it a good relationship.  The endo isn't there to judge
but to help.  If they are judging you or Kap then move on to a new 

Also, I have found it very helpful to keep very very detailed records for
a two week span and see if I notice any trends. I write down all the
I did.  Such as did I excercise, was it a particularly stressful day, etc. 
I write down all my bgs what food with measurements that I ate and 
then I test every 2hrs after eating, sometimes more often. I test if I feel 
slightly off and sometimes when I don't.  On these days I may test as many 
as 16 times. <Ouch> :) Often I find that it wasn't so much a mystery as I
It was the breakfast I ate, etc.  This past week by doing this I made a
that my numbers are being thrown off by where I am injecting my insulin.
When I 
use my stomach the H peaks at 2.5-3.0 hrs.  If I use my arm it is 1.0-1.5.
when my blood sugars take dives at strange times.  So I am having an
problem.  So now I have started writing down where I injected the insulin.

Hope this helps,
Best of luck,
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Subject: [IP] Desperate times calls for Desperate Measures - Hint - Hint

ok - call me slow but long winded - but here goes
i called pump guys and asked for list of ped/endo that were aggressive with 
putting children under 13 on pumps. I received 2 names - called both and
appointments - December 1 and March 2.  covering all bases - 
I talked with the December 1 ped/endo and told her about my son (kap) age 9
Kap #s are high 1 day and low the next - - example
Monday - pre lunch = 217
Tuesday - pre lunch = 208
Wed - pre lunch = 65
Thursday - pre lunch = 30
Reason #1 for pump - I can't stop the shot - pump I can
He spikes after eating breakfast - so current endo said to give shot b4 
eating - ok - i can do that - but when i do - he may or may not eat enough 
carbs. - so I often stuff a  mini muffin in him on the way out the door for 
school - plus this does through off the peak timing of nph
Reason # 2 - he doesn't always eat his am snack
As u can see from the pre-lunch #s - he is not eating his snack on some
Reason # 3 - can anyone guess what his blood sugars will be after he has ate

on Monday and Tuesday. If you guess HIGH - you were correct
Reason #4 - Thursday blood sugar reading - 30
He cant tell when nph is making him low - humalog he does. Since the NPH has

such a slow rate of dropping.
He didnt know he was low - since he often has them - it used to be 70's then

he noticed them at 40's - now 30's and he didnt - last night he was 28 and 
didnt know it - but I could tell when he came out of his room from doing 
homework at 8:30
Reason # 5 - Humalog alone without NPH
1st six months of dxd - we used humalog for every meal and nph only at 
bedtime.  It did very well - and he noticed lows at 70s - we did have to
the playing for 1 hr after giving shots - no running - jumping for 1 hr - 
only problem was he couldnt eat w/o taking the shot first/or afterwards 
depending in the reading.  I could count on Humalog doing its job time and 
time again - it never failed us. NPH on the other has a peak time of it own
never know if it will be 10 - 11 - 12 or 1 and sometimes 2:00 before it
Now - i will get to my quesiton - Desperate times calls for Desperate 
Measures - HINT HINT -
December 1 endo - said she needed 3 things for Kap to be put on pump
#1 - Records from current endo
#2 - Blood Sugar Readings for at least a month
# 3 - Show were he has had to take multiple shot  - he has had 7 out of 18 
days where he has had to take extra units.
**- Hba1c has gone from 9.5 to 7.7 since July - lots of lows and high - so i

guess they average out.
** - He goes low when he is sick - not high (tummy virus or head colds)
he is not hungry and has no desire for food.

Now - i see where a endo has told someone - she cant have the pump due to
being aware of lows - so - this is the reason i have not canceled the March 
2nd appt another ped/endo that was on list for aggressive w/ children and 
ok - i will go to Dec 1 appt with this ped/endo - and get a feel of what it 
is going to take - for the PUMP.  So if she turns us down - I still have 
March 2nd - 
Pump is not a cure - but at least we have control to stop and start plus nph

will not cause problems - Kap has gone all day without eating (from
to dinner) - and #s stayed great and then we have some days like Thursday - 
so we need this control w/ pump - stop and starting.
So you got the background - now professional pumpers - give me advice - I 
dont have to take it - but i would like your opinions - (YMMV)
Should i fake #s or not - Hint Hint - Desperate times calls for Desperate 
Thanks for listening 
Darlene (mom to Kap) age 9 soon to be pumper if i have to take my pager and 
make our own

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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