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[IP] Re: Old Schoolers

Clinitest Tablets - did you ever burn yourself on the heat from the chemical 
 reaction?  How about boiling glass syringes or the horrific hot red bumps 
 caused by allergic reactions to the impurities in the insulin?

 One more thing, do you remember when Cyclamates were banned in the US and how
 awful diet sodas tasted for a while?

 I love the 90's!!!

I remember thinking, as a kid, "What a pretty blue color" (Clinitest)and go to touch the test tube, OUCH!!
I was so mad when they banned Cyclamates in the US. That was the best sweetener!
You guys are probably sick of all of this "old school" talk, BUT (heh heh) how about COKE SYRUP (to treat insulin reactions)!!! That was the most disgusting stuff, LOL.

Sally =o)
36 yr old, dxed at 20 months
(Still waiting on insurance appeal for pump)
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