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[IP] Desperate times calls for Desperate Measures - Hint - Hint

ok - call me slow but long winded - but here goes
i called pump guys and asked for list of ped/endo that were aggressive with 
putting children under 13 on pumps. I received 2 names - called both and made 
appointments - December 1 and March 2.  covering all bases - 
I talked with the December 1 ped/endo and told her about my son (kap) age 9
Kap #s are high 1 day and low the next - - example
Monday - pre lunch = 217
Tuesday - pre lunch = 208
Wed - pre lunch = 65
Thursday - pre lunch = 30
Reason #1 for pump - I can't stop the shot - pump I can
He spikes after eating breakfast - so current endo said to give shot b4 
eating - ok - i can do that - but when i do - he may or may not eat enough 
carbs. - so I often stuff a  mini muffin in him on the way out the door for 
school - plus this does through off the peak timing of nph
Reason # 2 - he doesn't always eat his am snack
As u can see from the pre-lunch #s - he is not eating his snack on some days. 
Reason # 3 - can anyone guess what his blood sugars will be after he has ate 
on Monday and Tuesday. If you guess HIGH - you were correct
Reason #4 - Thursday blood sugar reading - 30
He cant tell when nph is making him low - humalog he does. Since the NPH has 
such a slow rate of dropping.
He didnt know he was low - since he often has them - it used to be 70's then 
he noticed them at 40's - now 30's and he didnt - last night he was 28 and 
didnt know it - but I could tell when he came out of his room from doing 
homework at 8:30
Reason # 5 - Humalog alone without NPH
1st six months of dxd - we used humalog for every meal and nph only at 
bedtime.  It did very well - and he noticed lows at 70s - we did have to stop 
the playing for 1 hr after giving shots - no running - jumping for 1 hr - 
only problem was he couldnt eat w/o taking the shot first/or afterwards 
depending in the reading.  I could count on Humalog doing its job time and 
time again - it never failed us. NPH on the other has a peak time of it own - 
never know if it will be 10 - 11 - 12 or 1 and sometimes 2:00 before it peaks.
Now - i will get to my quesiton - Desperate times calls for Desperate 
Measures - HINT HINT -
December 1 endo - said she needed 3 things for Kap to be put on pump
#1 - Records from current endo
#2 - Blood Sugar Readings for at least a month
# 3 - Show were he has had to take multiple shot  - he has had 7 out of 18 
days where he has had to take extra units.
**- Hba1c has gone from 9.5 to 7.7 since July - lots of lows and high - so i 
guess they average out.
** - He goes low when he is sick - not high (tummy virus or head colds) since 
he is not hungry and has no desire for food.
Now - i see where a endo has told someone - she cant have the pump due to not 
being aware of lows - so - this is the reason i have not canceled the March 
2nd appt another ped/endo that was on list for aggressive w/ children and 
ok - i will go to Dec 1 appt with this ped/endo - and get a feel of what it 
is going to take - for the PUMP.  So if she turns us down - I still have 
March 2nd - 
Pump is not a cure - but at least we have control to stop and start plus nph 
will not cause problems - Kap has gone all day without eating (from breakfast 
to dinner) - and #s stayed great and then we have some days like Thursday - 
so we need this control w/ pump - stop and starting.
So you got the background - now professional pumpers - give me advice - I 
dont have to take it - but i would like your opinions - (YMMV)
Should i fake #s or not - Hint Hint - Desperate times calls for Desperate 
Thanks for listening 
Darlene (mom to Kap) age 9 soon to be pumper if i have to take my pager and 
make our own

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