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[IP] "One candy bar away from coma"

Hey everyone, I'm not sure how many of you wrote the editor that published 
the newspaper article, "one candy bar away from a coma," but you might be 
interested in what she wrote back....   (The e-mail I sent her is AFTER her 
reply)  Jasmine

Hello Jasmine,
I'm sorry you were offended by the headline on that story. The headline
actually came from a phrase in the second paragraph where Mr. Brownell was
told by someone testing his blood sugar level that he was one candy bar away
from a coma.
I'm sure no one here meant to promote a stereotype. Thank you for voicing
your concern. Information for this article was gathered by interviewing the
subject, talking to health professionals and the American Diabetes
We do try to write accurate and fair stories. I will pass your concerns on
to the writer.
Thank you,
Nancy Perkins
Managing Editor

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Subject: "One Candy Bar Away from a Coma"

Dear editor,
As a diabetic for 10 years, I find the title of your article very offensive.

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 9 yrs. old, and I did NOT get the 
disease because I was too fat.  Often times, a person's body becomes ill and

the immune system is damaged; this is one way that diabetes can develop.  In

the future, please pay better attention to harboring stereotypes towards 
diabetics by assuming that the disease is ONLY caused by overeating.
your staff should do more research before publishing articles.  Thank you, 
Jasmine Blackmeir
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