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[IP] Thanks for the encouragement friends!!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their responses to my post about 
my experience with my endo about going on the pump. I have been feeling 
pretty depressed about the whole situation. Reading the IP list has cheered 
me up.
I have worked really hard over the past 22 years to keep my bgs in control 
to avoid complications. I have had 11 pregnancies that resulted in 4 
wonderful healthy kids. I was told at my appointment that if I was pregnant 
then it would not be a problem for me to get on a pump. Sorry, I am not 
going for 'cheaper by the dozen' to get a pump (impossible now anyway). But 
why can't they look at the fact that I need to keep myself healthy for the 
children I have worked so hard to bring into this world? It is like because 
I am not growing a baby, keeping good control isn't important anymore.
I told her I did not want to get complications and I am really scared of 
that. She said I was paranoid and that if I did not have them now then she 
could ALMOST guarantee that I would not get complications in the future.
There are few endos around here in the first place and I know she supports 
the pump so I am going to stick with her, for now. I just changed from a doc 
who won't even consider the pump for anyone.
When I have my appointments I will not share my feelings with her, I will 
just concentrate on doing what she wants me to do as long as it works 
towards getting a pump.
Sorry this is so long, no one else to talk to about this. Thanks for the 
fresh burst of wind for my sails!!!

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