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Re: [IP] Re: insurance coverage


What state are you in?  I know that Medicaid varies from
state to state -- unlike Medicare which is the same
throughout the country.


--- DUTTON <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
>     I appreciate all the diet advise from my last
> queston.  Now, I have
> another one........
> I asm on Medicaid disability insurance and they really
> hate to approve pumps
> and their supplies, but they did for me this month.  As I
> have said before,
> I am having trouble with the infusion sets they pay for. 
> They will only pay
> for the bent needle sets.  The problem is this: 
> Yesterday, my endo decided
> that I seemed to be allergic to the metal in these sets. 
> He wants me to go
> on the sils or tenders.  I have been told that my
> insurance will only cover
> the cost of the ones I now have and that I can pay the
> difference in cost.
> My endo asked me to see if insurance would pick up the
> whole thing with
> documentation from him on my allergy.  Has anyone ever
> had this restriction
> with any of you insurance companies?  If so, were they
> willing to make the
> change with proper documentation?  I am trying to get a
> hold of the
> insurance rep, but I wondered what you all have had to
> give them to get the
> sils?  thanks.
> Marcie

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