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Re: [IP] Old timers

In a message dated 11/19/99 2:46:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 I started blood testing in 1982, using "Haemo-Glucko Test".  We were in
 Germany at the time (I'm an army brat).  In the US, we call them
 "Chemstrips".  And I've been faithfully testing ever since.  Not
 necessarlily putting the information to good use, but testing nonetheless.
 My first meter was the one that you could cut the Chemstrips in half, and
 use half a strip.  I don't have it anymore--traded it in on a Diascan meter. 
Hi Barry I guess I was mistaken thinking I was the only person smart enough 
to cut the Chemstrips. I found it took less blood and that was much better. I 
didn't save any of the old stuff except the lilly insulin cases. They are 
made of plastic with a groove cut in the side for the needle to sit on. I 
also almost fondly remember the square NPH bottles. It was better because it 
was hard to make a mistake (R or NPH). Tell me one diabetic who didn't 
mistake the R for the N at least once. Roger C dx 47
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