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[IP] Growth Spurt/ Increased Insulin Use

Josh has been doing great on the pump until a few days ago.  His basals 
seemed to be set right and his carb/insulin ratios seemed to be correct, but 
suddenly he is running high.  His logs for the last few days show he is 
eating HUGE amounts of food and taking boluses right and left and his blood 
sugars (previously 78 to 130 with an occasional glitch) are in the 200's 
consistently.  Assuming this is a growth spurt (I sure hope it is- my food 
bill is astronomical), should he increase his basals all around, just keep 
bolusing and ride it out, or what?  And how long does this usually last?  
Whew!  Just when you think you've got it down- oh well.  Thanks for all your 
help.  I know many of you have BTDT.
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