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[IP] a dog

I personally wouldn't even worry about training the dog, if you get a lab or lab mix, its a built in factor, they just seem to sense when something isn't right.  My labs do this, and its been a lifesaver for me for over 10 years.  It started with our Nicholas, who passed away in February at age 12, but he taught the next in line, Festus, to do it, and Festus was a generic dog.  Then he taught Alexander Hershey Bar (no diabetic pun intended hes a chocolate bar dog!!)  next, and then last but not least he taught Alex's younger brother Rusty bones Man.  So its just a thing they seem to sense.  I would now NEVER live without a dog, and my hubby says the same thing too.
Best of luck to you!
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted