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Re: [IP] problems problems problems :( - Gianna

Gianna -

I've never experienced this, but I know in the past I've eaten high-carb
foods, and have always bounced back, just fine.  I never had any experience
with "insulin resistence" until I went on the pump.  I can frequently tell
before my other "normal" friends that something - some virus - is working on
me, because it throws my bg out of whack.  For one week, i don't know - I
would say continue to test and bolus, and be very (more than usual) careful
of what you eat.  Watch like a hawk!

But you DO have to get some sleep - like you, worried about my bg (I ate
pizza last night for dinner, and of course was high later, I am unable to
sleep now - but, I am determined to figure this thiing out!)  Good luck, and
take care of yourself, OK?


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