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[IP] problems problems problems :(

Hi everyone, I'm sitting here at 12:20 in the morning waiting to see if the 
shot I just took will have any effect, so what better thing to do than write 
to IP??  I have no idea what's going on.  I haven't seen a normal number 
twice in a row for about a week now, ever since I ate a bunch of really high 
carb/high fat food at some restaurants last weekend.  Is it possible to 
become insulin resistent from this??????? I would think it's unlikely but 
I'm grabbing at straws here.  I've increased my basals and my carb ratio and 
it has almost no effect.  I've changed several sites, insulin bottles, taken 
shots, tons of stuff.  Several strange things:  first of all, any corrective 
insulin I take at night seems to have no effect.  It's as if my body cannot 
use insulin while its sleeping.  That's why I'm still awake.  Then, whatever 
bolus I take for breakfast seems to work, and to a lesser extent at lunch.  
But no matter what I do for dinner, I am always around 200 2 hrs. later.  
Prior to this I'd always be back to where I started by then, and remain 
there as long as I didn't eat again.  ????
Now, I have gained about 5 pounds in the past month from not exercising as 
much (too cold out!!) but i don't see where this could affect insulin need 
so much?  Before last Saturday I had perfect numbers and used under 20 units 
a day for several weeks, and now, same diet and activity level and I'm up to 
about 40 units!!  I know it's not my period, or anything like that.  I 
talked to my medical people and am starting from scratch with basal testing 
hopefully this weekend.  This is sooooo frustrating  :(  meanwhile I feel 
like crap beacuse I'm no longer used to walking around at 160 mg/dl most of 
the time.  Sigh.  One person mentioned that having such a large amount of 
insulin in my system last week could have made me insulin resistent for a 
little while, but 7 days???? This seems a bit long.  Any one want to venture 
a guess out there?  Thanks, Gianna

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