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Re: [IP] Endo says YES to pump, but...

Carolyn Green wrote:

> She said that I can't go on the pump until I am down to two lows/week. 

This completely ignores the fact that some of the lows may be caused by
your basal needs not matching the activity curve of the insulin you are
taking or the inconsistencies of long-acting insulins.  The only way I
could have less than 2 lows a week on shots was to have a bg target in
the high 100s

> I know that on the pump being aware of lows is harder to detect, so I can
> see her reasoning.

The pump makes it lots easier to avoid hypos.

> Also, in the past I have had a pronounced dawn phenomenom. She says that
> this can change 

Mine went away before I was diagnosed with hypothroidism and returned
after starting on synthroid.  Mine is late (peaks around 9) and the
basal increase required to control it varies.

> I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails a bit but I am not going
> to give up. Darn it, I feel better when my bgs are not bouncing around.

Everyone feels better when bgs are stable.  Before the pump, I didn't
realize the impact out of target bgs have on how I feel cause out of
target bgs were
the rule, not the exception.  On the pump, if I am 200+ for a couple of
hours I feel so yucky that it helps me remember how much better I felt
after starting the pump.  It was wonderful to watch the daily bg graphs
go from yo-yos to gentle roller-coasters.

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