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Re: [IP] Appetite Affected by Lows...

My freshmen year of college, I managed to get food posioning.  It was the
first time I had thrown up after being dx.  It didn't take me that long to
recover (and I manged to function at a really high level thoughout the
ordeal), but about a week after I had been eating normal, I got low at the
dining hall, and ATE something to treat my low.  About 3 minutes later, I
was heaving into a garbage can (which I fortunately made it to in time).
My stomach did not feel well afterwards either.  The next time I was low, I
was in my room, ATE something again, and found myself praising the porcline
god.  I made an appointment with my doc at this point but before I could
get in to her, I went low again.  This time I happened to grab a juice box
instead, and I found it stayed down.  I told her this, and she supported my
thought, stick to liquids.  I've found that I can now not puke solid foods
even though I don't feel great but non-acidic liquids work best and I feel
low but fine.  If I eat something like packs of sugar and drink a large
glass of water, I don't feel nautious either.  My doc doesn't have any
explaination for it but recommends that I kept stuff that doesn't make me
ill around for lows.

Maureen (who always has measure powdered sugar drinks and water on her)
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