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[IP] RE: Retinopathy without DM


I am worried about me too.  But what can you do?

No I don't have D II.  Yes, I have tested after meals.
What I have is Ideosympathic(sp?) Central retinopathy.  They don't know what
causes it.  And each time I get an attack the eyesight gets worse in that
eye.  In the last three years it has gone from 20/25 to 20/60.  Still
correctable and useful but not what I want.  

My grandfather was completely blind from glaucoma and my mother has it now.
It is passed from mother to son to daughter.  I worry about my kids, both

My post wasn't to get sympathy but to say "You can't predict any disease
especially diabetes".  Do the best you can with who you are and what you've
got.  The rest just happens.  You can't get any better controlled than a

Thank for you concern,

Curtis Lomax

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